Forget Me Not  : Terms and Conditions

1. Forget Me Not Limited (the “company”) will use reasonable endeavors to satisfy customer needs in accordance with details of Orders placed.


WebLink Service

2.. This shall consist of one essential item, plus two optional additions

2.1  Essential Item
A customised individual QR code supplied to customer (“Code”) which, when scanned with a smart phone QR reader, will route to an internet address

2.2  Optional on-line Tribute
If customer requests this the Code will route to an internet address which they specify.  Unless customer so requests, the Code will route to an address decided by the company at which an on-line Tribute for a person the customer has specified has either been created for the customer by the company under a separate commercial agreement, or can then be created by the customer themselves. By default the address to which the Code routes will be one on a 3rd party website selected by the company which hosts on-line tributes and at which the customer can create their own Tribute.

2.3  Optional WebLink Visual
The Code will be provided to the customer as a pdf file capable of being printed or engraved on appropriate materials to these processes at the customer’s discretion. By default the customer will also be supplied by the company with a printing of the Code on a metal or plastic Marker plate, with a fixing mount, that enables location on, or near, a Resting Place (QR Marker).

The company gives no warranty or undertaking that the QR Marker it supplies, or any alternative form of Marker provided by customer or any third party will be permitted or suitable for use at any Resting Place location, customer being themselves responsible for achieving successful placement and any failure to achieve this shall not be grounds for any refund of monies to be paid to the customer by the company.

In any circumstance where customer and company shall agree that the Marker carrying the QR code be supplied or installed by a third party (including but not necessarily restricted to a Funeral Director or Monumental Mason) the responsibility for the quality and design and effectiveness of the marker shall be the sole responsibility of the customer and the third party.

3. In relation to 2.2. company gives no warranty or undertaking as to the quality or form of the online Tribute, except in case where customer has commissioned the company by a separate written contract to design and develop an on-line Tribute and in such a case any warranty or  undertaking shall be restricted to any given in that separate contract

4. QR functionality of WebLink service will not be discontinued by the company provided any valid applicable service charges have been met by the customer. Company cannot give warranties or undertakings on behalf of any third party which may host the customer’s on-line Tribute, but agrees to use reasonable efforts to assist customer in the event of any failure or dispute.

5. Any customer liability to make service charge payments to company to maintain WebLink service and QR functionality will be restricted to any such liability specified at the time of, or in, the original order placed by the customer, or subsequently mutually agreed in writing.



6. Company, its employees and its agents will only use information that we collect from you for the purpose of accepting and fulfilling your orders and will keep this information confidential and will not share it in whole or in part with any third party for any different purpose.

7. Contact information supplied to company by the customer, or any agent of the customer, whether in paper, or electronic form and any photographs or other materials provided by customer to company for whatever purpose are owned by the company unless otherwise agreed in advance in writing.

8. By purchasing services or products from company customer agrees that company shall be entitled to contact them, at reasonable intervals, to determine usage information or advise customer or new or additional products and services available for purchase unless customer requests otherwise in writing.

9. Company will have no liability for any loss or damage occasioned to the Resting Place other than any occasioned at time of a visit.

10. Written communications and notices between Company and Customer and vice versa may be conveyed by post or by email and alterations to orders and contracts will only be valid if mutually agreed in writing.

If you have any questions regarding our services, or our terms and conditions please contact us by
email  or by telephone to 0800 783 3299.

Thank you

Forget Me Not Limited