What is an Online Tribute?

A loving and lasting online tribute

In partnership with memorial website charity MuchLoved, Forget Me Not are pleased to offer you a free service to create your own website in memory of a loved one.

The MuchLoved service provides you with rich functionality and beautiful designs so that you can easily create a beautiful memorial website to respect and cherish the memory of your loved one. The following features are all available for you to use on your Tribute site:

  • Thoughts
    The Thoughts gallery is the area on your website where visitors can add their condolences and send wishes of love and support. It is quick and easy to add a thought and along with the rest of your site, you can edit and amend the display of all thoughts at any time you wish.
  • Life Stories
    You can add any number of chapters of Life Stories to record memories and events. One of the key principles behind the MuchLoved service is that there is no limit to how much information can be added to your tribute site. You can add just one short note of tribute or add as many chapters as you like without limit. This means that, over time, you can continually add to and develop your life story library of memories and recollections.
  • Pictures and Slideshows
    You can add as many pictures as you like to display in a picture gallery and also to link to any particular entry that they may specifically relate to. For example, you can link photos taken on a holiday to a Life Story entry about that holiday if you wish. These linked pictures can also be shown as a slideshow display to really help illustrate and bring a particular memory to life.
  • Music and Video
    As well as pictures you can easily add numerous music tracks and video clips and even link them to particular entries just as you can do with pictures. This way a song that reminds you of a particular time of life, or a video clip taken on a special occasion, can easily be added to your website.
  • Timeline
    You are provided with a Timeline area where you can record key life time events to help build up a historical record of significant dates, achievements and events. Whilst this feature is there for you to use, if it is not right for you or you are not ready to create a Timeline, you can simply ignore and it will not display on your website.
  • Journal
    You can also keep a personal diary on your Tribute for recording your feelings and your journey through grief. You can add as little or as much as you like and many people have found this section a helpful way of expressing feelings and of staying connected in some way to their loved one following their death. This Journal section can be kept totally private if you wish, even to invited guests.
  • In Memory Donations
    You can also set up your Tribute with the option of accepting donations to your chosen charity from visitors. If you wanted to help by raising donations in memory, you may find that this is a fitting and touching way of doing this. Any visitor who wants to donate will be directed to a secure online donate page to make their in memoriam donation.
  • Designs and Appearance
    You are provided with many different styles of design to choose from to really personalise your site. Also, if you have not added a particular element (such as video) it will not show as an option to visitors so you do not then show a ‘Nothing Here’ message. This is because we want your website to look beautiful, regardless of what information or how much information you add.
  • Easy to Create Process
    In order to make the service easy for everyone to use there is a quick and simple five-step process to follow in order to create your tribute, taking just a few minutes, and then you can view and start to develop your website immediately.

MuchLoved is a charity and offers a free service, plus there is no commercial or promotional material added to your memorial site. Its ethos is very different to many other memorial website organisations and you are provided with comprehensive privacy and access controls so that you can control who can visit and make contributions to your tribute. Your website will not be opened up for public access unless you choose to select this option